BERA – Pop Music STAR

As a fan of jazz and soul music I want to talk about the new sensation that I discovered nearly one year ago, I’m talking about Bera, a young man who amazed me with his musical talent and humbleness on and off stage. I pretty much listen to the classical old songs of this genre, but his music gave me hope, that good jazz and soul music is still to come. He is originated  from Georgia, but for now he has established his career not only in his homeland, but in France and in America too, I’m pretty sure Bera won’t stop on that and go on to take over the world with his music. Bera is not only a singer, but a musician and a producer himself, he produces his own songs and is in collaboration with many famous producers, like Rob Fusari and Rodney Jerkins. Apart from singing he also plays on the piano, guitar, drums and violin.

I want to tell you a story about how I first heard Bera sing on stage. I live in New York and work in the IT department of a retail company, so you can imagine how tired a was at the end of the week .  On Friday night I was planning to go out with my friends, chill somewhere and have a good time, we usually go in various bars and listen to music, fortunately that’s an interest we all share together. When we met up they told me that they had tickets to the concert of Bera, at first I was skeptical because I hadn’t heard about him, but when they told me that he was a soul and jazz singer, I decided to give it a try. We came to the place soon because he was performing near our neighborhood, apparently Bera had a tour in New York, so he was performing in multiple places in our city. When we came to the place  I  felt the intimacy of the atmosphere right away, everything around was designed to create a relaxing feeling. The place was meant to contain about five hundred people and it was full when we came there so it wasn’t long enough that we saw Bera perform.

When I saw him perform on the stage, I knew right away that he was a special kind of artist, his connection with the audience was unique, the crowd felt that and soon it became a two side concert, though I’m pretty sure that most of the attending audience was not a frequent listener of his music at that point. Bera interacted with the audience very easily and fluently and that is a very significant talent for an artist, it was apparent that he enjoyed every moment of it and I could see that the man was born for it. He performed several hits from his albums, like “Tickets to the movies” and “Don’t go” I regretted right away the fact that I hadn’t heard him until then. Near the end of the concert, one fan girl of Bera jumped on the stage and approached him, Bera didn’t hesitate, and he hugged her and performed the song “Don’t go” with her, it was a very special moment for me, because I saw that Bera was not one of the artists who look at people from above, in fact he was a very humble human being who appreciated the fact that people love his music.

After the concert was over, he came down of stage and began a very ordinary talk with his fans, he even invited some of us to the after party, me and my friends were lucky to be invited. Bera threw an amazing party at a place where he was staying at that time, he had a chat with everyone who was interested in his life, I talked to him about his life and career and what he was planning to do next, he told me that music was his passion and he wasn’t planning to stop composing or performing any time soon, Bera also talked about another side of his life, he told me about his life in Georgia, how he is involved in social life of his country and how he tries to improve the future of young Georgians, not only with his music, but with charity and social activities.  In the conversations he seemed very down to earth, listened what everyone had to say and appreciated every word that was addressed to him. Later he performed some of his unreleased songs on the piano and guitar that made the night even more memorable. This is the story I wanted to tell you, a story about how I discovered a very talented artist and a very good person Bera all in one day.